What happens when a preschooler tells his teacher he loves cheetahs? Or a pre-kindergarten student asks what dinosaurs eat? At Bright Horizons®, those questions spark learning opportunities and lessons in math, reading, science, art…and more.

It’s called emergent curriculum, and it’s Bright Horizons’ unique approach to using a child’s own interests to inspire learning. With dedicated teachers as their guides, insect enthusiasts discover science, dinosaur fans become readers; and a child who loves cheetahs gets excited about learning important skills in math.

Watch the below video to see teachers and parents talk about this very unique approach toward curriculum, and how a child's very own interests become the launch pad for curiosity... and a lifetime love of learning.

"They're learning so much... that they wouldn't necessarily be interested in doing if it was just right out of a text book."

- Noah, Bright Horizons parent

Big Dreams Inspire Learning 

View our eBook, How We Learn... The Story of Bright Horizons Preschool, and find out how our amazing preschool teachers used the question, "What do you want to be when you grow up" to build the foundation for preparing children to become ready - and excited! - for school.

"We use the child’s interests to influence how we teach, but what we teach is based on learning goals and developmental milestones. We work to meet the academic expectations of our local elementary school standards so children make a successful transition to kindergarten."   - Megan, Bright Horizons teacher